Our tutors are ethically qualified and are practicing professionals in their own field. Compassionate teachers and Lightworkers; they each bring a holistic and creative dimension to their tuition.

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Di Wilson M.Ed, B.Ed(Hons), HNC Holistic Therapy

I have been an energy worker since 1995, starting with Reiki, which was massive catalyst for change and further study. After eight years of working with Reiki and Seichem I found Quantum-Touch, becoming the first European instructor.

Teaching Quantum-Touch internationally for many years was extremely rewarding, however my own healing style was evolving and finally I understood that I needed to step into my own light and share my own teachings. Over the years I have trained in many different healing and body work modalities and I have had the privilege of working with some incredible teachers including Deepak Chopra and the late Gill Edwards.

I have a passion for sharing massage, healing and meditation techniques. I love to work intuitively with clients on a one to one basis and also enjoy bringing people together in groups for healing and meditation, harnessing the power and synergy that this brings. Teaching online during lockdown turned into a real gift, this will continue to be a large part of my work. I feel very blessed that my life is focussed on helping people to recognise and shine their light.

  • di@thehealingtouch.uk.com

Dr Alweena Awan PhD

Dr Alweena Awan is an international expert in the health and therapeutic benefits created by combining scientific research, kinesiology, and energy medicine.

Alweena is a multi-dimensional visionary, a spiritual and kinesiology teacher, keynote speaker, self-help and new age author, an energetic intuitive healer specialising in energetic healing and rapid transformation for adults and children. Alweena is an intuitive channeler who specialises in New Consciousness, spiritual mastery and spiritual healing. She is an expert in both teaching and integrating primitive reflexes and is an Attuning to Full Potential kinesiology developer and teacher.

She works as a consultant, as a developer of kinesiology programmes built on holistic health principles, and as a trainer of the next generation of kinesiologists.

She is, also, an advocate of the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono. The principle tenet of Ho'oponopono, which loosely translates “to set things right”, is full personal responsibility for all aspects of one's life. It encourages the practitioner to look inward, to resolve one's conflicts. Used in combination with AFP the effects are profound for both client and practitioner

She has completed a PhD in Children's Learning and Performance and following this researched therapy which could help with learning and behaviour issues, for adults and children and went on to develop the Child Centre Method which she now teaches to Practitioners and new therapists.


  • alweena1@aol.co.uk
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Rena Guttridge SRN

Rena is a professional and inspirational healer and teacher with experience spanning over 35 years and a dedication to the therapeutic aspects of energy and complementary medicine. Following a career in general and child nursing, her therapeutic work has focused on childhood trauma and the treatment of bullying, fear, abuse, phobia and PTSD.

This experience has led her to create The 5 Awakenings Sequence® - a method of recovery now used extensively in the field of trauma for both adults and children. She has presented this methodology at the international energy medicine conferences in Canada and has established teachers throughout the UK and in the USA.

In the 1990’s Rena established Hane Lea School of Healing, allied to the World Federation of Healing and in 2000 established The Healer Foundation by bringing together a group of healer graduates and now affiliated to the British Complementary Medicine Association.

With a strong and intuitive philosophy to bring joy and Light to the soul, Rena’s teachings offer a catalyst for change with an enduring, healing process of freedom, expanded potential, raised self-esteem and choice.
Rena’s teachings are now being delivered by Eve Campbell; Anne Huckerby; Sandra Doubtfire.

Cathy Presto RSHom

Cathy is a registered Homeopath with The Society of Homeopaths and has over 20 years experience of treating adults and children in her private practice.

Cathy began her journey by completing a Homeopathic First Aid Course. She learnt that by completing the course she could take more responsibility for her own and that of her family's health.

She then completed 5 years of study at the North West College of Homeopathy. She has taken part in the proving of new remedies both as a supervisor and as a prover.

Cathy has a keen interest in traditional medicine from other cultures and has travelled extensively, as well as spending her childhood in West Africa. She has a wide and working knowledge of the Homeopathic Materia Medica and believes that it is important to help her clients access their own inner healer.

Cathy has extensive education and experience in the Early Years, Family Support, Counselling, Homeopathy, Complementary Therapy and Care sectors.

Cathy is committed to the development and delivery of holistic, natural health and wellbeing services for individuals through the generations.

  • info@theremedybox.co.uk
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Colette Garside BABTAC, F.I.H&B.C, Dip.Bio.Med, S.A.C.Dip, T.ASIACT ASEA Associate

I began my colour training with Aura-Soma in 1991 and over the course of several years became an accredited Teacher for the company. Since then I have continued my education by studying the teachings of Carl Jung with respect to the interaction of our personality with others and have also qualified as a Professional Therapeutic Counsellor. The combination of all three enables me to better help clients understand themselves at a deeper level by looking at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of their being. There is no doubt in my mind that Colour can be the key to self-realisation. I spend most my time teaching in Europe and Asia but have also found the time to author two books.

Colette also teaches The New Age Child and their colours: A 3 day course that involves looking at the colours in relationship to the family dynamics and the colours for this new millennium.

  • colette@thegarsides.net

Eve Campbell Cert.Ed Nutrition: HND

Hello there my name is Eve Campbell and I am very passionate about us all living as healthy a lifestyle as possible, incorporating our mind, body and spirit, for the benefit of humanity and our planet. I started my holistic, complementary journey, like many, with Reiki, and I have always found this a wonderful tool to my life. I trained in naturopathic nutrition about 12 years ago, and have taught and introduced the benefits of this practice to many over the years.

I have trained in the 5 Awakenings sequence, which I also teach, and use every day. I also practice „The bright Path Ascension‟ meditation every day. I believe we need to nourish our bodies with healthy natural foods, and also our minds and souls with meditation and energy centre balancing.

  • eve.nutrition@yahoo.co.uk
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Lorna Mills

Lorna is an experienced and well practised therapist. She worked as a chiropractor for 25 years, started craniosacral work in 1994 and went on to study visceral manipulation. Her clinical knowledge and experience has enabled her to help many patients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

In her introductory course to craniosacral therapy she uses an informal and informative style of teaching which caters for students with varying backgrounds. 

  • enquiries@lornamills.co.uk

Ruth Fox (AAMET Accredited)

Ruth specialises in assisting people to make change in their lives by letting go of their inner blocks, freeing themselves from old patterns of emotion, limiting beliefs and pain and to gain greater insight, creativity in life, self-awareness, joy and empowerment. She works in a variety of ways and believes that change and healing does not always have to be difficult and painful but that the process can also be enjoyable and fun. Ruth has been working with clients since 2004 and teaching since 2006. She loves doing this work, having had much experience of witnessing the extraordinary abilities of human beings to heal and free themselves and to make significant changes in their lives.
In addition to being an Advanced Practitioner and Trainer of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Ruth is also a Practitioner of PET (Provocative Energy Techniques), Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She holds a Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques and has studied Advanced Metaphysics. She brings the insights and experience of her own life and healing journey to her work.

  • ruth@ruthfox.co.uk
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Sandra Page

I have been studying the ancient Medicine of the Descendent`s of the Incas for around 12 years now, journeying to the Andes to work directly with the shamans and their teachings.

The work offers us an opportunity to reconnect to ourselves and to discover what happens when we see through the `eyes of a shaman`. Creating the possibility to heal from our personal and Karmic wounding. To once more, experience that, we are one with all things and to re-discover our Sacred Nature

  • sandra.page8@btinternet.com

Anne Huckerby

Anne and Sandra are teachers elected by Rena Guttridge to teach the 5 Awakenings Sequence®
Anne has over 12 years‟ experience as a holistic therapist, she also provides training in Reiki at all levels and different styles. www.freedomtw.co.uk

  • annehuckerby5@gmail.com
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Sandra Doubtfire

Sandra is a teacher elected by Rena Guttridge to teach the 5 Awakenings Sequence‘

Sandra has over 10 years’ experience as an intuitive holistic therapist, whose energy work includes The 5 Awakenings Sequence, Reiki, Meditation and Laughter.


  • sdoubtfire@btinternet.com

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