Is It Safe Yet?

Elvis is scared of flies! He runs to the safety of his shelter to escape them, then peeps out to see if it is safe to come out. Sometimes it’s our fear of the little things that makes a big difference to our lives. It’s nice having a safe place to retreat to, but ultimately it is safer to embrace the fear and live the authentic life we were meant to live. What are your fears? Of not being liked? Not being loved? Of becoming overwhelmed? Of not finding ‘your thing’? Of being different? Of being the same as everyone else? Of not having enough? Of not being enough? Of flying? Spiders? Public speaking? Being ill? I have successfully helped clients with all of the above. Through The Healing Light Academy teachings we help to move people from their place of retreat into a place of gloriously shining their light. Don’t be an Elvis, have the courage to step into your light and be the You you were born to be!

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